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Cisco Agent Desktop Browser Edition Call Monitoring

Hi All,

I am looking for some help on how to set up call monitoring with CAD-BE and Cisco Desktop Supervisor for UCCE 7.5. I have been researching this for the last few days, and all I found so far is that I need to set up the Server and Unified CM capture methods in order to make it work. The server method requires spanning traffic on the switch where the server is connected. The problem is that our network follows the Cisco L3 campus routed design; therefore, I cannot span VLAN's across switches. Is there other way I can set it up without having to span the traffic? Any help is greatly appreciated.




Re: Cisco Agent Desktop Browser Edition Call Monitoring


The CAD-BE is Java based and as such cannot put the NIC in promiscuous mode to listed to the RTP stream so there isn't any way for it to forward traffic to the supervisor.

As you mentioned, using SPAN to capture traffic on the Voice VLAN is the other method.   Since you have  L3 network you have two options the way I see it:

Option 1. Use RSPAN to forward the RTP traffic across the L3 network to your server.

Option 2.  Put a server local to the agents you wish to monitor and record.

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