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Cisco Agent Desktop issue

All - I am having a few issues with some CAD users within my system. To try to sum this up the best I would say that CAD is holding onto data and not releasing it. Example: Within CAD you have your display panes the one on the left that displays the ANI and DNIS and the one on the right that has the CSQ, Agent, Route Point info. Well I have a user that these feilds were populated with data and that data has stayed and will not release. A new call comes in and the display does not change even though the agent can make themselves available/unavailable etc. CAD continues to process the calls but it does not change the information in the display panes. We have logged out of CAD, rebooted machine, and the info returns and stays. We are on Cisco Application Administration - 7.0(1)SR05_Build504 and our CAD is vs.6.6(1).

Do any of you have any thoughts before I get TAC involed? Image of frozen data below...



Re: Cisco Agent Desktop issue

restart the cad enterprise service.  it's non-service impacting so you can go do it right now.  then check the next call, and let us know.

btw, I run that same uccx version in a lot of places, and have not seen this exact behavior before.

Anthony Holloway

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