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Cisco Agent Desktop - Not Ready Status - Queries

Hi All,

I am hoping i will get my answer from any expert here.

We are using IPCC Express 4.0.4

CAD 6.1.33

We have created different Not Ready Reason codes and all works fine. However there is something real concern which came to our notice.

I'm taking eg for two Not Ready Reason codes, a) Lotus Notes Tickets, 2) Lunch Break

For eg. if after the call agent wants to update anything in the lotus notes tickets he hit "not ready button" and from there he selects "Lotus Notes Tickets" and if this agent is in this mode for 20 mins and now if he wants to go for Lunch Break than he has to select "Lunch Break " as reason code. But he has to go to ready mode first and from there he has to select Lunch Break as Not ready status, here is the cause of concern as we donot have any way agent can change his of her Not Ready status to another Not ready status. So when agent goes to ready status and if there is any call in the queue it pops up to his extension.

Can anyone please let me know how to get rid of this? is there a way out of doing it or there isnt anything we can go? as i tried differnt permutaion combinations from Cisco Desktop Administrator but we couldnt find anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Re: Cisco Agent Desktop - Not Ready Status - Queries

To my knowledge this is the way it works, the system triggers are agent state changes. Going from not ready to not ready is the same state, you can only go to a not ready state from a ready state.


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Re: Cisco Agent Desktop - Not Ready Status - Queries

You can't change from Not Ready to Not Ready without going thru Ready state. That's the way things are. It's not only Cisco but true with other CC products as well.


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