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Cisco Agent Desktop

Hello all,

Anyone ever see this kind of message before on Cisco Agent Desktop?

"Cannot go to the ready state while the phone is out of service. Other state changes are possible"

"The agent extension is out of service. Ready state change and call control operations cannot be performed."

The message just display while the agent is on the phone. (without any touch or loose the network connection)

If anyone have face this problem or have any idea, please advise...

Thanks and best regards,


New Member

Re: Cisco Agent Desktop


You should verify if the agent exxtension is not a shared line.

Indeed, you can't change the state of the agent is the line is in use.

Hope it helps

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New Member

Re: Cisco Agent Desktop

Hi Remy,

Thanks for your help. I already checked, all agents have a different extension (not a share line, agent A ext.3309, agent B ext.3310)

Best Regards,


New Member

Re: Cisco Agent Desktop

On the first screenshot i see that the agent extension is 3386 (Buy Manith)

Are you sure this extension is not a shared line with a phone on your system.

Does your agent have multiple lines on their phones ?

Is your sytem configure to automaticly change the state to ready of your agents ? Verify the System Parameter and verify that it is not configure to change automaticly the state of the agent.

Best regards

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Re: Cisco Agent Desktop

Hello again,

Do you mean that this problem is cause by automatic state change of the agent?

Yes there is multiple lines on agent phone, but they only use one line only. (Agent login to use their extension on the phone and other line is configure with Line Group)

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

New Member

Re: Cisco Agent Desktop


I have got the same problem. Did anybody find remedy for that?



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