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Cisco CCX Script Editor fails to Execute Remotely

This has been an ongoing problem for me since version 5 and continues with ver 7 (Editor ver  I am most often not able to build scripts local to the server and therefore need to download and execute the editor remotely over the vpn.  Prior versions worked fine.  The newer versions (5-7) download and install, but when you go to use it, it hangs starting File Manager and then backs out and shuts down.  This happens whether you log in with the administrator credientials or use anonymous.  After a post many months ago, other users verified this behavior but had no solution for it.  I'm just hoping after this amount of time someone might have come up with something?  Thanks!

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Re: Cisco CCX Script Editor fails to Execute Remotely

Sounds like one of the issues I had.  This may be or may not be but Please read one of my previous questions that were answered.

I had this editor issue, the solution was to modify the icon/editor and configure to run in compatiable mode.

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Re: Cisco CCX Script Editor fails to Execute Remotely

Thanks for your reply.  I carefully searched the archives and came to this conclusion:  It's a known bug that has been around since either 4.5 or 5;

there is no fix for it.  So, apparently the only way to edit ver 5-7 scripts is on the uccx server itself - rather inconvenient.  Some say it won't work in stand-alone mode (no network connection) but my experience shows it won't work either with or without the network and the symptoms are the same.  No amount of fiddling with the compatibility modes made any difference.  Okay, I give up.  I will continue to use earlier versions of the editor (that do work) to write the scripts on my laptop; copy them up to the the server and finish them there with the newer version of the editor via remote desktop.

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