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Cisco Contact Centre CCX5.0 High Availability Failure

Hi All

I have a problem here with my CCX High Availability issue

Situation is




CCX-PUB are working fine, Agent can log in and take calls, when I added CCX-SUB and tried to test the solution by restarting CCX-PUB (make it unavailable), calls do reach the cti port but nothing is played, thus, CCX-SUB is not working.

I had received one license from Cisco

CCX-50-NEW-P-HAS : CCX 5.0 PRE HA 2 Server Option-Active, Standby

So I uploaded it on both servers, I am not wrong, am I?

Even though I am licensed for 40 ports, I found that 80 cti ports are created. Shouldn't be the same 40 ports are used during the failover?

Both servers has SQL2K

Appreciate any help.


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Re: Cisco Contact Centre CCX5.0 High Availability Failure

Hi Adham,

When you are putting the CCX-SUB as active,put the UCCX script in debug reactive script mode and check at what point is the script failing?

Incase if you are using some XML files, make sure that you have them on the CCX-SUB as well.



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Re: Cisco Contact Centre CCX5.0 High Availability Failure

Thanks Araffill for your reply

Ok, I decided to make a fresh installation for both servers. Maybe I saw your reply after I did a fresh installation for the 2nd server, everything went bad.

When I was trying to fresh install the 2nd sever, when I tried to add it, it refused because of an error related to CRS Repository, it still see the old CCX-SUB server, couldn't remove it as well, I tried to troubleshoot the problem, when CCX-PUB main page didn't open any more.

Since I am going to install them again, what is the process, I mean, I did what the document said (which didn't mention anything about installing SQL to CCX-SUB, but I did), but it didn't work, maybe something is missing.

So, the process I am going to work on is


Install Windows Image

Install CCX

Upload License + Configure as 1st Node

Install SQL2K


Install Windows Image

Install CCX

Upload the same License + Configure as "Add to Cluster"

Install SQL2K

Am I right?

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Re: Cisco Contact Centre CCX5.0 High Availability Failure

there is a documentation from cisco when you have a problem with login on ccx_IP/appadmin  ( there is a ini file to modify )  you will find that on ( you can also try to rename the program files/ tomcat / webapp / appadmin  it will create another appadmin directory ( keep the old one in backup )

Also, to be sure that the second node is working fine, I suggest to re-create all the control group ( cti port )  because if you crate 5 CTI port, it will create actually 10  ( 5 for primary, 5 for secondary ) I don't think this process works fine or even exist when you add your second node in HA.


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