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Cisco CRA IVR Port Monitor

I'm attempting to do some capacity planning for the number of IVR ports needed for our call center. Is there a method to set up some type of monitor so that it can "watch" the number of IVR ports being used and send out an alert if it surpasses a threshold number? Or is there some type of "all IVR ports busy report" in the system? Or is there even an SNMP value that I could query on for this? The included realtime reports aren't really helpful because you'd have to watch them all day to determine what the port activity level is. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


Re: Cisco CRA IVR Port Monitor

I think following guide will be useful for your needs.

Cisco CRS (IP IVR and IPCC Express) Port Utilization Guide, 4.5(1)

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Re: Cisco CRA IVR Port Monitor

I guess our friend is looking for an IVR port report to know if he is having saturation on the ports and size new campaings, not for information about tcp ports used by the ivr and applications.

I don't know if any of you have seen the real time monitoring tool... you can get the application summary but you are not able to see it for a day or two all the time, do you know if you can have a monitor that logs the activity and taking care about the pikes or saturations based on the ivr port utilization?



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