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Cisco CTI and integration

Hi All,

I have a requirement to integrate salesforce and Cisco CTI.

I have gone thru many documents and forums and what i could find is bits and pieces of configuration.

Currently i know below points:

- i need to install Cisco TSP on client (done)

- i need to install call connector adapter on client (done)

- i need to monitor TAPI line (which is not happening)

- some administrative configuration (not sure on which end, at salesforce end or at PG end)

So i am looking for a complete step by step installation/configuration guide for such integration.

Any document or any link to this would be very helpful.

I have UCCE 8.0 environment.

Thanks in advance.                


Cisco CTI and integration

Your best bet is to go with one of the vendors which already does this.  AMC Technologies and bucher & suter to name two.


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Cisco CTI and integration

Hi David,

I had seen these yesterday.  but i believe these would cost me extra money to get these softwares, isnt it?

I was looking for something that i can implement.

Anyways, thanks for looking into this.

Cisco CTI and integration


yes, you need to pay for it, either cold hard cash or your own time - if you decide to go and start programming your own "connector".

Can you please tell me what kind of integration are we talking about? Chances are you don't need TAPI at all (you can use either UCCE CTI or CTI OS).


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Cisco CTI and integration

Hi Gergely,

I am looking for integration between Cisco CTI OS V8.0 and Salesforce.

The main idea is to pull details on Salesforce based on the caller's number which will be displayed on CTI OS.


Cisco CTI and integration


chances are you don't even need CTI OS for that. Now, how does that sound?

If it's about sending some information (the caller's telephone number) to Salesforce and reading back the result (which may be the customer number or other pieces of information) then all you have to do is to find the right Salesforce API and have your ICM script call that API (it's probably XML based). The result will be stored in call variables which may be presented in the CTI OS desktop.

Is it what you are looking for?


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For any custom 3rd party

For any custom 3rd party Salesforce (SFDC) integration requirements please reply.

Insert data into SFDC ( Salesforce) based on data entered by caller in Cisco CVP IVR / UCCX IP IVR
Incomming Caller Details popup in SFDC Screen
Display incomming caller data from SFDC in Cisco Agent Finesse Screen
Initiate outbound call ( Click 2 Dial) from SFDC Screen
Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Activity
Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Case


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