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Cisco Desktop Agent script

hi all,

I 'm working on a script that checks automatic the user and the password of an user and the automatic starts the IP Communicator , logs in with the extension mobility profile then automatic start the Cisco Desktop agent and logs in.

Until now i have managed to automatic start the IP Communicator and login with the extension mobility profile.

Next i need to find out the IPCC extension of an agent to automatic login in Cisco Agent Desktop.

Do you know a way to find out automatic the ipcc extension of an agent .

(a register entry,an url to interogate call manager,anything).

I'm using autoit to do this

tx alot

New Member

Re: Cisco Desktop Agent script

Just a shot in the dark, I'm not much of a programmer but the Agent ID and extension are kept in c:\program files\cisco\desktop\config\PhoneDev at least on our version. This is obviously data kept from the last login, so if you only have one agent logging into the same PC and you can somehow pluck this data out of this file, you may be in luck.

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