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New Member

Cisco Email Interaction Manager (EIM) Spell Check Issue

Hello All,

Cisco Email Interaction Manager Version 4.3.2

Hopefully I'm asking this question in the correct forum.
Recently we have been having issues with our Agent's Web Browsers while using EIM to compose/reply to emails. What happens is when the Agent attempts to send an email and/or clicks the spell check button, the spell checker marks EVERY word as misspelled. It seems to do this on users with both Windows 7 and Windows XP. The users on XP are using IE8 and the the users on Windows 7 are using IE11, and it happens on both versions of IE and Windows.

I found a PDF for EIM version 4.3 for troubleshooting certain issues. See link below for PDF:
And on page 37 of the PDF it has a section for "spell checker not working correctly", and it describes the EXACT issue we are experiencing of every word being marked as misspelled.

So I applied the recommended action to 2 different agents (*one with XP and one with 7), but it didn't seem to change anything on those 2 Agent's PCs. So I'm not sure what else I can try now...?

Does anyone know anything else I can try to get this working?
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,


Matt,Yes, you're asking in


Yes, you're asking in the right place.

Page 37 of the PDF outlines a process on the EIM web server, not on Agent PCs. Try completing the recommended action on your EIM server (or servers).


New Member

Hey Jameson, thanks for the

Hey Jameson, thanks for the reply! Much appreciated.


I'm pretty sure I performed that on the EIM server before I attempted on the Agent PCs, and it already had that .tlx/MIME type setting set in the IIS Manager thing. But I'll double check it again and post back. If it's already there, is there anything else I should try? Like maybe removing the setting and re-adding? Or anything along those lines?

EDIT: Also, any idea where this .tlx file is supposed to live?

Thanks Again,

New Member

Ok, so I doubled checked the

Ok, so I doubled checked the Default Web Site's MIME Types (*on the EIM Server itself) and made sure it has the .tlx extension and the application/text as the type. Which was already present in there.

Here is something strange. If I compose an email in EIM on my own personal Windows XP Virtual Machine using IE, I do NOT have the Spell Check issue. Also, if I open IE on the EIM server itself and login and compose an email, I also do NOT have the spell check issue there as well...

So I was thinking that maybe it was from the Agent's who's PCs we recently replaced/upgraded to Windows 7, but one of the supervisors in that dept. is still running Windows XP and he IS having the spell check issue too, so I'm really confused why this is still happening for those Agents and not for myself and the EIM server's IE (*I was just made aware that it does NOT happen for 2 particular Agents who are running Windows 7)...?

Any other ideas?

Thanks Again,

Matt,As you're not seeing the


As you're not seeing the issue on your XP VM, or IE on the EIM server, there's likely some fluke with configuration on the supervisor's machine that you mentioned. Are you absolutely sure that person is running IE 8?

Regarding the Windows 7 machines, I would warn you that IE 11 is completely unsupported for Agent usage for EIM. This may be an IE 11 issue on the Windows 7 machines. It is quite possible to run IE 8 on Windows 7, and you will likely have fewer EIM issues alltogether if you do that.

Is it safe to assume you've followed everything in the EIM browser configuration guide?