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Cisco Email Manager 5.0 Auto Archive

Good morning.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to configuring the "auto archive" function within CEM.

Right now, when our agents reply to a message, the original email is archived, and as a result it can no longer be searched from within the CEM GUI.

Can anyone shed some light as to what I am doing wrong here, as I assumed that the archive was searchable.

I would like to search the archive for the originating email.



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Email Manager 5.0 Auto Archive

Hi Barry,

the purpose of archiving the mails is that to move the mails from the PRIMARY database to LAMBDA database after they response to a mail and it is used for generating the reports.

Once mails are moved to LAMBDA database there is no way the agent can retrieve those mails back or search on them.

If you are using this feature for moving the mails from the agent queue and if Lambda runs

in background, the mails will be deleted from Primary and will impact the reporting data.

We should NOT encourage agents to archive anything they will need to work on later - the system isn't really designed for this to work well, especially since the agent will

normally not know how long LAMBDA will wait, and might totally lose their work if they

wait too long.

There is a possible workaround:

The Process Messages-->Search options of "Incoming Archived Unreplied" and "Internal Archived Unreplied" are ways to find mail that were archived by the agent that should have been responded to.

Problem is that if the Lambda completed the run in between the mails would not be there anymore.

Other options would involve some custom programming using CEM API, but that task is performed only with the help of Cisco Advanced Services.



New Member

Re: Cisco Email Manager 5.0 Auto Archive

Hi Rbua.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my enquiry.

Do you know how, or where we can define the "auto archive" function within CEM. I believe right now, that as soon as an agent replies to a message, the originating piece of mail is archives, and moved to the lambda DB according to our defined schedule.

Is there a way, we can avoid having the mail archived, but also have it removed from the skillgroup (we are using push routing).



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Email Manager 5.0 Auto Archive

Hi again Barry,

the mail will move to Lambda and archived, that could not be modified AFAIK.

You could decide to retain the mails longer in Lambda eventually.



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