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Cisco Emergency Responder License expiration Question

Cisco Emergency Responder License expiration Question.

About 2 months ago I did a CER 1.3 migration to CER 2.0.3. In the Process I received the 2 server Licenses and four, 1000 user licenses and installed them. The System reported that I had 2 servers licensed and 4,200 user licenses. Everything was working just fine. Today I went to log into the application and was denied and told that my 60 day trial license had expired. When I open up and look at the 6 license files that I have, they all say permanent. My question would be, where did the extra 200 licenses come from and are they the ones that are giving me this problem??

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Re: Cisco Emergency Responder License expiration Question

The 200 licenses came for free with the CER software licenses, CER includes 100 user license, since you had 2 CER server licenses you got 200, though you should have only received 100 as you dont get anyting for the secondary server.

As to the expiration issue, it appears there is something wrong with the licenses or perhaps the application. I would open a TAC case to have TAC take a look at it.



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Re: Cisco Emergency Responder License expiration Question

Thanks for your reply Chris, I think that I have resolved my Smartnet Contract issues now, so I sent this and some additional info off to, I will see what happens.

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