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Cisco Finesse- Agent Unable to Login



When I connect Finesse Webpage for loggin, the system displays "Invalid ID or password. Please try again.". But I make sure the ID and password are correct.

In Team Resource tab, I just only see Default with ID 1.


Anybody know this issue?





New Member

Sounds like awdb connection

Sounds like awdb connection is not correct.. I'd suggest checking your entries in cfadmin page and then look at the sql security logs for errors with that user getting to the database..

New Member

Hi all,i am using port 1433

Hi all,

i am using port 1433 for sql connection to awdb. I save sql setting successfully in Finesse server. 

Could you show me how to collect sql log file?



New Member

Take a look in sql enterprise

Take a look in sql enterprise manager at logs under management, sql server logs (im not near a machine so doing this from memory) for an entry corresponding to the user you created for finesse.

New Member

Hi,Can you check the user


Can you check the user mapping section in management studio to verify that the user you've specified in the cfadmin page has rights to access the awdb



What connection method are

What connection method are you using?

Local? LDAP? can you check those configuration? you can also force a sync

New Member

Hi all, I opened TAC case and

Hi all,


I opened TAC case and the engineer looked that the Peripheral ID had been wrong. And I changed it and fixed issue.


Thanks all

New Member

Hi team,

Hi team,

Am facing this issue. I tried below steps;

1. Distributor service restarted

2. CTI Service restarted

3. Finesse A Cisco DB, Cisco Notification Service and Cisco Tomcat Service restarted.

4. Both servers restarted.

5. CTI OS re-installed on ICM.

6. No Errors found or service stop found on Diagnostics portico, unable to download logs.

7. Peripheral ID, CTI Server port no, AWDB user ID-password is correct.

8. Am able to login on CTIOS Toolkit.

where should i see? I have attached logs copy pasted from desktop


Ritesh Desai.

Cisco Employee

did you check pim and ctisvr

did you check pim and ctisvr logs ?

HTH, please rate all useful posts! Sasikumar.
New Member

Hi Sasikumar,

Hi Sasikumar,

I re-installed CTI Server and then restarted Finesse server. It resolved my issue.


Ritesh Desai

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