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Cisco Outbound dialer not dialing in 8.5 version

Our cisco outbound dialer is working fine and all the campaigns both IVR and

agent based are working fine in our old HIPCC platform 7.0
ICM 7.0_SR4;CTIOS7.0(0)SR2

NOW We have upgraded the plaform to the new HIPCC 8.5 version and copied all

the outbound confiuration data (campaigns,import rules,Ba database ,icm

scripts etc etc)  through the EDMT tool but IVR/agent campiagn is not

working , we are using the dialer type as SCCP and confuired everything as

mirror as in the old settup..
ICM 8.5;CTIOS 8.5
CVP 8.5
CCM 8.5

Pls help me to understand if we need to do any new configuration for

IVR/agent campaigns in upgraded IPCC 8.5 version compared to the IPCC 7.0

version (SCCP dialer).

I hope there is no change for SCCP dialer in newer version 8.5 unlike SIP dialer ??even i can see from campaign manager logs that the records are given to the dialer for dialing, but the dialing customer part is not taking place..I have attached the logs from dialer and Camp. manager

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