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Cisco PrecisionHD 1080p 12X (VISCA)


* I had no idea where to post this. *

I'm looking to control this camera via serial. My connections are right but I can't seem to understand how the PTZF_Direct commands work.

The format is 8x 01 06 20 0p 0q 0r 0s 0t 0u 0v 0w 0x 0y 0z 0g 0h 0i 0j 0k ff.

I'm sending 81 01 06 20 {PTZF VALUES} FF but the ranges for each 4-bytes of PTZF values seems very strange and sometimes the camera doesn't move at all using some values (aside from values containing FF). I was reading that they are to be formatted MSB first (Big Endian) which is what I've done, but the range definitely does NOT seem to be 0x00000000 through 0xFEFEFEFE...

Is there something I'm missing here? How do I know which value is 90 degrees? 45 degrees? etc... for Pan and Tilt for example?

While being logged into a codec where a camera is connected that way, the ranges even include negatives, but the min and max seem almost entirely random, and do not do the same thing when I format them into this command.

Some example values I pulled from the web page of a coded with one of these connected to it:

Pan = 9300 to -4490 (left to right)
Tilt = -2500 to 1500 (bottom to top)
Zoom = 706 to 7189 (zoomed in to zoomed out)

Why is this documentation so seemingly incomplete? :/ (PDF : "Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Camera - Camera Guide")

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Well - this seems to have

Well - this seems to have been a waste of time posting for help. :/


I'm not familiar with your

I'm not familiar with your item, but it sounds like it would fall in the Telepresence group, not this one?

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Thanks! Can this somehow be

Thanks! Can this somehow be moved or would I have to repost? I'm not unfamiliar with online forums but the navigation on this one was a bit different for me. As you can tell I'm a very new member haha.


I don't think any of us have

I don't think any of us have the capability to move the post, so you'd likely have to repost it there. Good luck.

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