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Cisco Supervisor Desktop - Incorrectly Reporting "Current Oldest" stats

Hey all,

We have a UCCX cluster running version We are also running Cisco Supervisor Desktop 9.0(2) (Premium Version) build number It appears for only one of our queues, it's reporting in the "Current Oldest" column that there are calls in the queue when in fact there are not.

I've attached a screenshot (omitted client related stuff) so you can see. In the "Current Oldest" column, it reports 3 Current Calls with Oldest time of 00:00:00. Our client has confirmed no calls in the queue.  

Any ideas why this is happening and on only one CSQ? Any ideas on how to fix it? 

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Did you ever figure this out?

Did you ever figure this out?  We have one CSQ showing the same thing under CSD  It's only 1 call, but we have a Workflow in CSD that colors the CSQ red and notes it has Calls Waiting.  The Supervisors are very insistent on getting this resolved since the Workflow makes the real state of the CSQ misleading.


Hey jmakowski_2, Yes the

Hey jmakowski_2, 

Yes the issue was resolved by restarting the UCCX Engine Services on Publisher and Subscriber (in that order).

In our setup, Publisher is the Master and Subscriber is the Slave. So you restart UCCX Engine service on Pub to make Sub Master, then when the transition is completed, restart UCCX Engine service on Sub to put Pub back to Master. 

This was a solution from Cisco TAC.



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Thanks.  We found that out

Thanks.  We found that out inadvertently.  We had an issue with the VoIP Monitoring Subsystem on the Sub.  We tried just restarting the Desktop VoIP Monitoring service, but that didn't help and caused us to have to restart the Engine on the Master then Sub.  The next morning the false call was gone.


Appreciate the response.

Great to hear you got it

Great to hear you got it resolved. You're welcome.


I also found this bug

I also found this bug:

CSCsu40814 - The supervisor shows oldest in queue as 1(00:00:00)

It says that this issue can occur if your setup has some unsupported configurations which are listed here:

So if you have configured on this list configured in your UCCX/CUCM systems, then this problem can occur. We found a couple of these items were in our configuration and we have corrected them. Now we're going to see if it occurs again. 


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