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Cisco support options for Contact Center Express


I'm new to UCCX, and looking at the support options.  Our hardware (including the 7835 servers) will be on SmartNet.  Does that also include the ability to call Cisco TAC with UCCX software related questions?

Next, we're also including Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription for UCCX.  According to my reading, that will give us major version upgrade coverage.  But then I read about Cisco Unified Communication Essential Operate Service, which apparently gives us minor version coverage?  Typically do you purchase both coverages?

Also Cisco Unified Communication Essential Operate Service mentions that you get technical support.  So even if we have SmartNet and UCSS, we need this Essential Operate to be able to call TAC with technical questions?

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Re: Cisco support options for Contact Center Express

SmartNET covers the hardware, ESW covers patches and access to TAC, and UCSS covers major version upgrade entitlements (e.g. 7.0 to 8.0).

TAC draws a line in the sand for CCX: They will not support or assist you with scripting questions/issues. They will assist with product defects and the like; however, they are not a development resource. If you are an end customer you can work with a Cisco partner for scripting assistance. If you are a partner, the PDI HD will provide some assistance. You can also attend the UCCXD and UCCXA Cisco Learning courses that are available.

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Re: Cisco support options for Contact Center Express

Excellent info, thanks. We will be end users, and we have contracted with

our reseller for post implemenation scripting assistance.

Can you give me some other examples where TAC access might be helpful for

uccx (non scripting related)? I'm trying to justify it in our purchase. Or

perhaps patches/minor rev upgrades would be justification enough.


On Feb 3, 2010 3:55 PM, "j.schulenberg"


Re: Cisco support options for Contact Center Express

Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS) requires a valid Essential Software (ESW) contract.  You definitely want to get ESW if you're getting UCSS.

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