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Cisco UCCE 10.0 Preview Dialler



We have a UCCE 10.0 set-up in our lab's and we are testing the preview outbound functionality.



Once the contact is imported the agent is getting reserved and information is hitting the finesse desktop.We are getting the dialler port in the finesse and once the agent accepts the call and the customer is patched the dialler port is changed to the customer ANI's. Is there an option to get the ANI in the finesse desktop before the agent accepts.


This is not happening with UCCE 9.0 dialler and only UCCE 10.0 dialler. Is this a setting that can be changed in the system?







Hi,could you please raise the


could you please raise the logging level for the CTI Server process, make a test call and dump the logs then post them to here.

Looks like the information you are looking for is coming in an additional CallDataUpdate message, but I need to take a look at the logs first.


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Hi Gergely, It works good

Hi Gergely,


It works good with CTI-OS desktop.Only when finesse desktop is used we have such issues.

can you tell me the exact debug level that needs to set.



Set the Tracemask to 0xFF.G.

Set the Tracemask to 0xFF.


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Hi Gergly, Please find the

Hi Gergly,


Please find the logs of CTI server.




Hi, indeed, the "real" ANI

Hi, indeed, the "real" ANI comes in a different message. I wonder why.

If you switch the dialing type to Preview-Direct, does this happen, too?



19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270: MsgType:CALL_DATA_UPDATE_EVENT (MonitorID:0 PeripheralID:5000 PeripheralType:EnterpriseAgent  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         NumCTIClients:1 NumNamedVariables:0 NumNamedArrays:0  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         CallType:CALLTYPE_OO_RESERVATION_PREVIEW ConnectionDeviceIDType:CONNECTION_ID_STATIC  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         ConnectionCallID:2130706448 NewConnectionDeviceIDType:CONNECTION_ID_STATIC  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         NewConnectionCallID:2130706448 CalledPartyDisposition:CD_INVALID CampaignID:0xffffffff  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         QueryRuleID:0xffffffff ConnectionDeviceID:"1005" NewConnectionDeviceID:"1005" CED:""  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 270:         CTIClientSignature:"Finesse" CTIClientTimestamp:0x545b466e (11/06/14 15:29:10) ) 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2: MsgType:SET_CALL_DATA_REQ (InvokeID:0x3dfbf PeripheralID:5000  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         ConnectionDeviceIDType:CONNECTION_ID_STATIC ConnectionCallID:2130706448  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         NumNamedVariables:7 NumNamedArrays:0 CallType:CALLTYPE_OO_RESERVATION_PREVIEW  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         CalledPartyDisposition:CD_INVALID CampaignID:5000 QueryRuleID:5000  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         ConnectionDeviceID:"1005" ANI:"961084612" CED:"ICM_BA_Reservation_Call"  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         ExpandedCallContxt:<TotalBytes=149> BACampaign="Preview"  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         BAAccountNumber="71|2|1|0|0|72|0" BABuddyName="raja,ilaya" BAResponse="" BAStatus="PO"  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         BADialedListID="282" BATimeZone="+00330" CustomerPhoneNumber:"961084612"  
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 2:         CustomerAccountNumber:"71|2|1|0|0|72|0" ) 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr Trace: CSTA_ESTABLISHED - callID=2130706448.3001(s) answeringDev=3001 callingDev=(DEV)1005 calledDev=(DEV)3001  localConnectionInfo(3)=CS_CONNECT cause=-1 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr Trace:                    Line=0 LineType=LINETYPE_INBOUND_ACD Service=-1(-1) SkillGroup=0(5008) RemQd=T 
19:01:00:445 cg1A-ctisvr Trace:                    TrunkNum=-1 TrunkGroupNum=-1 
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We are also facing same issue

We are also facing same issue.

getting the dialer port  number in  Finesse Preview Reserve Mode ,once accepts the call its changing to the customer ANI

CTI-OS desktop its displaying ANI

Finesse 11

UCCE 10.5

Any Solution for this issue?

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from the details, looks like

from the details, looks like you are hitting this bug. CSCuw95931 -- Dialer port displayed for Outbound preview reservation call Symptom: Finesse displays dialer port number for ANI Conditions: During Outbound preview reservation call Workaround: Populate the Customer number in one of the BA variables like Account number to display it on Finesse before accepting reservation call. Further Problem Description: This bug is tracked in UCCX via CSCuw99046.
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I will be conducting POC with Preview and Direct Preview dialing logic. Does this bug fixed in 11.5 release.


Ritesh Desai.

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Hi Ritesh,

Hi Ritesh,

Yes, this bug is fixed and verified in 11.5(1) and 11.0(1)SU1 releases.



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