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Cisco UCCX Historical Reports 8.5

No grand total when running an agent summary report   ?

Nearly every other UCCX report has grand total information. Even if I perform a sum/average function to get the totals/averages manually the formula does not work. Because UCCX formats time in a H:MM:SS format all of the time based data starts with a 0. This 0 causes a #DIV/0! error because you can’t run an average on data the starts with 0.

So, we need one of two things to be fixed on this report. Either the grand totals are built into the report (preferred method), or the time format needs to drop the hour if the value of the cell is less than 60 minutes. The work around for this defect is to gather the data from WFM and paste into the report. This might be resolved for the most part as the customized reports are created.  Any suggestion


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Cisco UCCX Historical Reports 8.5

Hi Saeed

I'd agree with your comments. Personally I would incorporate them into the HRC report; I guess if you speak to Cisco about this it would be an 'enhancement request' at best that would take a long time to be resolved.

I've previously 'corrected' some reports like this one to allow proper summarisation etc but it requires some Crystal Reports knowledge & software..


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