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Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports


Issue: The time showing on the Historical Reports are not correct

Error message/issue description:

While  comparing the recorded calls from QM Management Destop system to the reporting system the timings on the historical reports appear to be at least an hour behind. Can these be synced to show the same times

Thanks !!
Shridhar Reddy


Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports

Hi Shridhar,

The time zone displayed in the report is either UTC or local time zone, based on the TIMEZONE settings in hrcconfig.ini. You can also change the time zone for each report as shown in the procedure.

Note: When a report shows date and time information for an event or an activity in the report data, that date and time is based on the TIMEZONE configuration in hrcconfig.ini.

The Start and End time is also based on the TIMEZONE configuration in hrcconfig.ini.

The difference between the server time and the selected time zone is displayed within parentheses beside the Start and End time.

The report generated time displayed at the bottom of the report is the local time of the HR client machine.

To change the time zone for a particular report, follow these steps:


Step 1: In the Unified CCX Historical Reports main window, choose the report settings that you want.

Step 2: Choose the Settings menu.

Note: You notice the check mark beside the Use UTC Time Zone for Reports menu option. This depends on the configuration in hrcconfig.ini.

If UTC time zone (value 1) is configured, the check mark is displayed. If local time zone (value 0 - Default) is configured, the check mark is not displayed. For more details, refer The hrcConfig.ini Configuration File, page 2-13.

Step 3Click Use UTC Time Zone for Reports to select or unselect the option manually.

Please refer the section "The hrcConfig.ini Configuration File" from page 33 onwards in the below link,


Specifies the time zone that will be displayed in the Unified CCX Historical reports. This value can be preset before you login to Unified CCX Historical Reports client.

You can also change this value from the Historical Reports client user interface.

Valid values: 0 and 1

Value 0 - Historical report will display the time zone of the client’s machine.

Value 1 - Historical Report will display the UTC - GMT time zone.

Default value: 0

Note:The time and date for data in scheduled reports is always the time and date of the Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reporting database which is the UTC time zone.

Please refer the section "Changing the Time Zone to be Displayed for a Report" from page 142 onwards in the below link to do so,

Hope it helps.


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