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CISCO unified contact center v 5


I installed CISCO Unified Contact Center v 5

When I entered in "CISCO Desktop Administrator"

and press " Synchronize Directory Services "

it give me Error " At lest one error occured during synchoration process "

Plz. can any one tell me what are the possible reasons for this error ?

And thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: CISCO unified contact center v 5


This is a pretty generic error which can be caused for a variety of reasons.

You can check C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\log\DirAccessSynSvr*.log for any clues. You can also set the DirAccessSynSvr config to Debug and look in DirAccessSynSvr*.dbg for further issues.

Please make sure slapd.exe (and slurpd.exe are running if you have HA) from Windows Task Manager->Processes.

You can also try restarting the Cisco Desktop Sync Service from the AppAdmin Control Center for a quick fix.


Community Member

Re: CISCO unified contact center v 5

For me that error was because of a case mismatch in the username. Since we use LDAP authentication in Call Manager there was a username which was originally in uppercase. The case got changed to lowercase one day but the dir sync process failed somewhere along the way so AD and Call manager both had lowercase but Contact Center still showed it in Uppercase. Once it got out of sync those dir sync errors started popping up. I had to jump through hoops to get that user fixed.

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