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Cisco Unified WFO - Call Recording and Quality Management stops recording with conferenced translator

I'm having an issue whenever one of our employee's conferences in an external translator, as soon as they bridge the customer into the call with the translator QM stops recording.  I can hear the intial conversation with the customer, and then the employee put the customer on hold and call the translator service.  Only when the two are bridged together the call always stops recording. 

We are performing all recording on the server side, and are not using Quality Manager Desktop agents.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!



Cisco Unified WFO - Call Recording and Quality Management stops

So I found the following information listed below.  I don't manage the Cisco Unified CM portion of our telco system.  Can we limited the ourselves to a single Codec, and would this even resolve the issue.  Does this cause other issues if we didn't limit the devices that are recording to a single codec?

Recording Issues

This topic explains how to diagnose and resolve problems that occur with contact


Calls for devices configured for Network Recording drop when you try to conference

or transfer a call.

Symptom. When you try to transfer or conference a call and one or more devices on

the call configured for network recording, the transfer or conference fails and

parties drop off of the call.

Cause. Cisco Unified CM does not support codec changes for devices that are

configured for call recording. The codec must remain the same throughout the life

of the call. For conference calls, the conference bridge must support the codec

used before the conference completes.

Solution. Update the Cisco Unified CM configuration to ensure that no codec

changes occur for network recorded devices.

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