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Clarification on Service Level and Service Level Percentage Usage - UCCX 8.5

We have our CSQs set for Service Level = 20 and Service Level Percentage = 80.  I understand this to mean that 80 percent of our calls should be answered within 20 seconds.  With that said, shouldn't it mean that if we do indeed answer 80 percent of our calls within 20 seconds that our SLA should be 100%?

However, in all of the Historical Reports, none of them take the 80% into consideration.  All of the SLA calculations are based on 100% of the calls.

How do I get an accurate report using the 80% Service Level Percentage?

Did this perhaps change in UCCX 8.5?  It seems to me that after we upgraded from 7.x a couple years ago, is when we noticed our SLAs going down.




Calls are either answered /

Calls are either answered / abandoned within the SL or they're not. The reports show what % have been answered and abandoned within the service level. The percentage field in the CSQ configuration doesn't make any difference that I can see, and it was this way in v7 too.



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Yes, that is the point I made

Yes, that is the point I made in my initial inquiry as well.  If that's the case, I wonder what the point of having the Service Level Percentage setting is at all?  If it's not used anywhere, and the reports don't use it in their calculations, why is it even there???  Perhaps it was used in previous versions of UCCX???

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