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Co-Resident Server

Can we install CMPM, CG, CTIOS, MRPG and CAD server as co-resident or not?


Re: Co-Resident Server

You can, however, on a 7845 you could only support 35 total agents:

(search for section 7.1.2 New Deployments and Technology Refresh)

-adignan - berbee

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Re: Co-Resident Server

I hate to disagree with adignan, but an agent PG on an MCS-7845 equivalent can support many more agents than 35.

If you look at the SRND table 9.1 and consider the last line on page 9-8:

Agent PG with MR PG and Media Blender on a 7845 equivalent can support 250 agents - all media - so that means CAD. This is way more than 35 and we have a hungry Media Blender cranking away.

If it did not have the MR PG and Media Blender the number is 1000 agents.

You fall between these extremes - you want the MR PG but not the Media Blender.

Can I ask you what the MR PG is for - Email, Web, or Outbound? What sort of CallManager PG are you installing - Generic with a few VRU PIMs? If not, I doubt that the MR PG will reduce capacity. If so, perhaps 500 agents.

You need to check with the A2Q team when you propose your design.

Also, Cisco have not yet completed all aspects of capacity testing with the new generation MCS boxes (e.g. the HP DL380 G5 with two dual-core Xeons) and we expect the numbers to go up.




Re: Co-Resident Server

Ok, I kind of agree with geoff :)

I mis-read your post and was also assuming you were putting the router/logger on the box as well (PROGGER) along with the CM/IVR PIM, MRPG, and CAD which according to the hardware and software specifications guide ( ) , which generally the A2Q team uses as a guide as opposed to the SRND (the BOM is updated more often and is listed as a guideline in the A2Q process) would only support 35 agents.

Where I disagree with Geoff, is that according to the BOM in the link above, an Agent PG running CAD services (table 7.6) on a MCS-40-003-Class server (7845) you can support up to 450 agents and not 1000.

If you add the MRPG and Dialer to the Agent PG with CAD servers, under table 7.6 the following formula applies:

"If you add MR-PG and Dialer to the one of the configurations in the table above, use the following formula:

(Inbound agents) + (8 * Outbound dialer ports) < Number of agents listed in the capacity column."

my .02 cents :)

adignan - berbee


Re: Co-Resident Server

I am the first to agree that these Cisco documents are confusing. But if you look at

"Cisco Unified ICM/Unified CC Enterprise & Hosted Editions, Release 7.2(1) Revision 1.00 - Last Updated: June 7, 2007"

See page 16.

Agent PG with CAD Services on a MCS-40-005-Class will support 1000 agents.

Adding the MR PG with a Dialer (the capacity considerations are correctly identified by adignan in his post) is very different to adding an MR PG by itself. I don't see any clear guidelines on that.

Please see the JPG attached.



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