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Codec Negotiation for Agents


I havae one issue regarding codec negotiation , Customer dials in listen IVR call transfer to Agent 1 (Whose phone is on G711) Agent 1 transfer call back IVR using Blind Transfer Call goes back to IVR & Customer again press 0 to go back to new agent -2 . Agent-2 (Whose codec on Phone is G729) gets ring on his CTIOS client but when I press Answer call goes back to Queue and this happens until agent is forced not ready.

Anyone faced this issue.


Irfan Tariq


Codec Negotiation for Agents

COnfigure a DSP farm and use its profile CM DialPeer then test.


Codec Negotiation for Agents


Both agents are on same LAN, then you use device pool and make them member of same pool. If they are remote, then you do transcoding on the voice gateway.

Did you see in the debug if negotiation failed?


Codec Negotiation for Agents

Both are on same LAN , but I have divided them by using different device pools Agent-1 is in Default device pool which has Region = G711 & Agent -2 is on LAB_DP which has Region G729 configured.


Codec Negotiation for Agents

Lets try this way:

Make a call from Agent1 to Agent 2, answer the call and see on phone what codec is being used between two IP Phones.If that works,Lets move on to ICM, enable Display to Screen on CTIOS Server in the registery with regedit from 0 to 1. Something like, My Computer\HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc\ICM\icm0\CTIOS1\EMS\CurrentVersion\Library\Processes\ctios

Restart the process ctios server and you should see the agents login in and logout. When the call is dropped, you will see another message on ctios server. Paste that message.

Also which version of CVP you are using? I recall in 8.0.1, there is something like flat G.729 Codec which means use of single CODEC on all call legs with no call legs using different codecs.

Hope this helps.


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