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Hi all,

I have a callmanager 6.1.1(pub and subscriber) connected to a ipcc express with 2 nodes, last week we had to remove the subscriber from the callmanager cluster. After that we notice that same calls from the ipcc to the agents were beeing drop with the folowing error message on the ipcc express:

427041: Jun 30 09:42:34.320 BST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:(P1-JTAPI_1)[MIVR_SS_TEL_PORT_QEXE_9426-91-2-OPEN_LOGICAL_CHANNEL:9426][IPCC_9426]Request: setRTPParams(CiscoRTPParams10.55.12.3/25374)

427042: Jun 30 09:42:34.320 BST %JTAPI-PROTOCOL-7-UNK:(P1- [MIVR_SS_TEL_PORT_QEXE_9426-91-2-OPEN_LOGICAL_CHANNEL:9426] sending: {

  sequenceNumber    = 3543

  callManagerID     = 1

  deviceID          = 10218

  callCallManagerID = 1

  callLegID         = 18623102

  ipAddress         = 51132170

  rtpPortNumber     = 25374


427047: Jun 30 09:42:34.320 BST %JTAPI-PROTOCOL-7-UNK:(P1- received Response: {

  sequenceNumber = 3543

  result         = -1932787708

  description    = Setting RTP for Call failure


427048: Jun 30 09:42:34.320 BST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:[IPCC_9426]PlatformExceptionImpl caught:  CCNException errorCode = -1932787708

427049: Jun 30 09:42:34.320 BST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:(P1-JTAPI_1)[MIVR_SS_TEL_PORT_QEXE_9426-91-2-TERM_CONN_EV:9426][(P1-JTAPI_1) GCID=(1,3197061)->INVALID]Request: removeObserver()

Is there any documents on the cco that explains this error message or thus any one knows what could be this error


Cisco Employee


Decoding the error cause it is:

const unsigned long int CTIERR_ILLEGAL_HANDLE
=                                0x8CCC0004;

I suspect there may be something wrong in the call before this message and this is an after effect. We would need the JTAPI client logs to confirm, but this should be investigated from the CUCM side as it looks as though the error is in the JTAPI layer.
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