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Confernce feature on Call Manager

Hi all,

I have some few basic doubts on the Conference feature in Call manager 4.1.3.

1. Is the conference works on only one Codec in single Instance?

2. If I have a region of only g729 Codec enabled, will the conference (within the region) voice streaming will be on g711 or G729?

if g711 ? how?

Can Anyone help me?



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Re: Confernce feature on Call Manager

If you have a 38XX use the sccp commands to setup a conference transcoder and you should be fine. More deatils.

There are two main types of conference bridge resources:

• Software conference bridge

A software unicast conference bridge is a standard conference mixer that is capable of mixing G.711

audio streams and Cisco Wideband audio streams. Any combination of Wideband or G.711 A-law

and mu-law streams may be connected to the same conference. The number of parties that can be

supported on a given conference depends on the server where the conference bridge software is

running and on the configuration for that device.

• Hardware conference bridge

A hardware conference bridge has all the capabilities of a software conference bridge. In addition,

some hardware conference bridges can support multiple low bit-rate (LBR) stream types such as

G.729, GSM, or G.723. This capability allows some hardware conference bridges to handle

mixed-mode conferences. In a mixed-mode conference, the hardware conference bridge transcodes

G.729, GSM, and G.723 streams into G.711 streams, mixes them, and then encodes the resulting

stream into the appropriate stream type for transmission back to the user. Some hardware conference

bridges support only G.711 conferences.

All conference bridges that are under the control of Cisco CallManager use Skinny Client Control

Protocol (SCCP) to communicate with Cisco CallManager.

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