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configuration questions

Have a couple of questions that I need clarification on with some backup documentation please as this has to be clarified as we are having issues that need to be resolved.

1. Within the system there is an Enterprise parameter that allows the supervisor to have access and control of their own respective areas if set this way. What I need to understand is does this setting that limits what the supervisor can see stand for real-time stats, historical, and administrative moves adds and changes within the contact center (i.e. appadmin).

2. CTI port configuration (best practice). In the configuration of CTI Ports for JTAPI what is the best practice when it comes to max calls and busy trigger as they are set to 4 and 2 respectively by default and not sure if there is the abiility to configure this through appadmin when creating the jtapi ports. I realize that appadmin creates them for you and does not recommend that you manually change after they have been created.

Cany anyone confirm or deny these and provide a little clarification form either experience or docs.



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Re: configuration questions

forgot to mention that this is uccx 5

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