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Configuring remote monitoring

I am trying to configure remote moniroting on IPCCX 4.5 - premium.

I am using just one NIC on IPCCX server and trying to use remote monitoring feature ( not VoIp spanning ).

After configring supervisors and teams etc, I stll cannot see any data on subsystems>rm-cm>remote monitoring page.

Also the monitoring and barge in buttons in supervisor desktp is grayed out.

Is there any additional steps to be done here ?


Re: Configuring remote monitoring

Try the following:

1) Verify the agent you are trying to monitor is configured as a member of the team that the supervisor is a supervisor of.

2) Make sure that you are using the correct supervisor id to login the supervisor application

3) Verify that you can establish a socket .connection between the agent and supervisor using IP address (make sure there is no NAT between the two altering the IP address).

New Member

Re: Configuring remote monitoring

Thanks for the important points.

1. Yes we have configured sup and agent in the proper team.

2.Yes we are using proper sup id.

3.This is a trial setup and all the agents and supervisor are connected to same switch, no NAT.

Is there any other thisn that I can check ?

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