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Contact Center and Voice Recognition Codec


i have a system running with CCM 5.X and Contact Center Premium 5.x. ALL are running G729 - reason being some initial voice quality issues on the LAN with 711, did all updates andfirmware updates on the phones, QOS was configured properly but still has a slight echo in the background. changed to 729 and voice quality to this day was perfect. 9 months and running.

anyway, we are exploring voice recognition and noted that all vendors only offer with G711.

my question is, has any body run this type of setup before, cause the vendors are saying that they never did any transcoding at all. is this not a reasonable possbilitiy to do transcoding?

thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Contact Center and Voice Recognition Codec


I suspect it might be true, g729 compresses the voice stream, hence making it more difficult for the software to provide high quality recording, further more with a transcoder you would change the actual codec being used, but you would not gain anything on the voice stream moving from 729 to 711.

If they are bound to provide high quality recording like they are it make sense they do not have a solution for this.

Are you maybe able to use UCM 5.x silent monitoring feature? Otherwise truly the only other option I could think of is a 3rd party g729 recorder.




Re: Contact Center and Voice Recognition Codec

thats very understandable.

i did see another asr/tts product that offers a range of codecs so i think i should be good to go.

also, i was speaking about ASR sorry not recording (i was tired :) )

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