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Contact Center Call recording

what is the differences between

call recording using the Call recoding lic. under the premium or the Enhanced licenses


use a mediasense server for the recording

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Contact Center Call recording

The builtin recording and monitoring features are manually triggered* by a supervisor in CSD on a call-by-call basis. Recording is done through CAD or the server directly if you can get all agent phones into a single SPAN/RSPAN session. The server will only retain them for seven days, though a supervisor can extend that to 30 and the server has a quota of 2.6Gb total storage for them which cannot be increased. You must manually export anything you wish to keep.

MediaSense on the other hand is the opposite to nearly all of the above points. It uses the phone's Built-in Bridge or a Cisco voice gateway directly to have audio forwarded to it (no SPAN required). It is automatic and can record 100% of calls. It can retain recordings essentially as long as you have storage. The unique thing about MS is that Cisco hasn't been willing to compete directly with any of the established market players. As such, MS is positioned more as a middleware that is for another product to integrate with. The idea is that MS offloads all of the capture effort so the user-facing product can focus on features. Cisco has bent the rule slightly by included a *very* basic Search and Play widget.

At the end of the day if the built-in feature doesn't meet your requirements you should be looking for a recording vendor. During the solution design you need to ask if MS completes the solution by doing the audio capture.

* It is possible to build a CAD workflow that manually triggers the recording automatically for each call. This does not scale well because the server will not delete old recordings to make room for new ones if the quota is reached. It will just stop recording. Also, CAD's days are numbered.

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Contact Center Call recording

so assume that i am using the Builtin recording in UCCX with a UCS server or any Platform that has a more storage than 2.6 GB .. the application will not use store more than this amout of 2.6 GB ???

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Re: Contact Center Call recording

Correct for at least two reasons:

  1. There is no customer-facing setting to control the quota. You have no access to the real GNU/Linux bash shell.
  2. You cannot choose the disk size of the virtual machine. The OVA comes with pre-aligned VMDKs which are set at 146GB total. To be supported by Cisco you are required to use these OVAs.

Here's the actual verbiage from the SRND:

The amount of disk storage allocated for recordings on a single server non high availability deployment of Cisco Unified CCX is 2.6 GB. On a two server high availability deployment of Cisco Unified CCX, the recordings are alternated between the two servers in a round robin fashion to provide load balancing and redundancy. Hence the amount of disk storage allocated on each server is 1.3 GB.

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