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Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ) Report SQL example

I've been tasked to recreate the Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ) Report, with SQL in SQL Server 2008 RS, Can someone give me an example or actual sql for this report? I've tried to folllow the hints about joining in the documentation, however, my reported numbers are much higher than what the Cisco report is giving back.

Thanks to anybody who knows where this sql is.


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Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ) Report SQL exampl

Hi Lyle

Version of UCCX?


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Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ) Report SQL exampl

Hi Lyle,

Please refer the section "Restrictions with Generating Historical Reports" in the below UCCX release notes.

CSCtj96987 : Reports unable to generate large set of records bcz of tmp dbspace limit

Defect Description:

Customers are unable to generate HR reports for a larger duration because of a limitation set based on first 10k records in CCD table. Many customers require to generate reports for a complete month which they are unable to do now in 8.x

affected reports are :

Abandoned Call Detail

Aborted Rejected Call Detail

Agent Detail

Agent Login Logout

Agent State Detail

Detailed Call by Call CCDR

Detailed Call CSQ Agent

Additional Info

1.     Customer may get runtime error if the temp dbspace gets full. HRC log will state clearly that the system ran out of disk space. This will happen if the customer is running reports for a very large set of data or running large number of simultaneous HR sessions involving considerable amount of data.

2.     The temp dbspace is fixed at 2GB and cannot grow automatically when required. So, if the space is filled completely, HR reports will error out. The temp dbspace will be freed when the session ends. So, If you get run time error anytime, please restart HRC and try to generate report for a smaller period of time.

3.     It is recommended to generate reports approximately upto 200,000 rows when a single session is running to avoid getting run time errors. If multiple sessions are running, modify the figure accordingly.

4.     If the customer is running a single node setup, it is highly recommended to generate reports in the off-peak hours.

Fixed in :

8.0(2)SU2,  8.5(1)SU2,  9.0(1)

You can think of upgrading your UCCX system to the above releases for this issue fix.



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