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Copy CDR database to another SQL Server database


How can I copy CallManager CDR database by DTS package to another SQL server Database. callmanager Ver-4.2.

Anybody help me on this.




Re: Copy CDR database to another SQL Server database

In your publisher server, go to start > programs > SQL Server > Query Analyzer > SQL Server: (local) ; Select "windows authentication"; click on "OK" > select the "ART" database from the drop-down menu. Run the following queries (just copy and paste the following in the main window, then click on the "execute query" icon):

delete from Tbl_Load_History

delete from Tbl_Dump_PkID

delete from Tbl_Error_Id_Map

delete from Tbl_Billing_Data

delete from Tbl_Billing_Error

delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecord

delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecordDiagnostic


Re: Copy CDR database to another SQL Server database

I would use a slightly different method by moving/copying the entire CDR database to the new SQL server.

(this will allow you to keep your original CDR intact without any data deleted, for fall-back purposes)

You can do the following:

1) on the CCMPublisher, stop the CDR Insert service

Using SQL Enterprise Manager -

2) dismount the CDR database:

right-click on the database, choose AllTasks>TakeOffline;

right-click on the database, choose DetachDatabase

3) file copy the CDR database to the new SQL server; also any transaction logs for the db

4) on the new SQL server, use Enterprise Manager to mount the newly copied database:

right-click databases, choose newDatabase;

on the dataFiles tab, select the CDR database from its new location;

on the transactionLog tab, select the CDR db transaction logs/location

(use the 'initial size' and 'growth rate' from the original CDR SQL parameters)

5) apply appropriate permissions to the newly mounted database

(can copy from original CDR database permissions)

6) now point your CCMPub to the new CDR database location, if you need to; restart the CCMPub CDR Insert service

7) now point your call accounting software, if needed, to the new CDR database location

8) if required, 'AttachDatabase' and 'BringOnline' the original CDR database on the CCMPub to get it working again.

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