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Courtesy Call back - Hosted IPCC with VRU Type 5 and 7

Hi All,

We are trying to implemented the Courtesy call back feature in HIPCC 8.5, CVP 8.5, but since we have migrated from HIPCC ver 7.0 we haven;t changed the network VRU type (5 and 7) to 10, we have refered SRND also says that no problem if we continue the type 5 and 7.

Since we are tying to implement the courtesy call back and refering the CVP SRND AND ADMIN GUIDE, in both doucments they have mentioned type 10 VRU, but CVP srnd didn;t say clearly it will work with only VRU Type 10.

If any one has experience please share.

with Regards,



Courtesy Call back - Hosted IPCC with VRU Type 5 and 7

Hey Manivannan,

Yes, newer versions of CVP will continue to work with older architectures, i.e. support for Type 5 / 7 VRUs is continued. However, that does not mean that new features introduced in newer CVP releases are also tested with 'legacy' setups. CVP Courtesy Callback has been designed and tested with CVP as a Type 10.

That being said, I understanding fairly well how Courtesy Callback works at a lower level and I see no immediate reason why it wouldn't work with your VRU setup. So if you want to try it, you're ofcourse free to, and I'm pretty sure you should be able to get it running, That's not a guarantee though. Your time may be better spent migrating your setup to be a Type 10 VRU though, not just for Courtesy Callback, it just makes the whole setup a lot more logical and easier to troubleshoot.

My bigger question would be : have you migrated from H.323 to SIP already ? Courtesy Callback definitely won't work with H.323.



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