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CRA - Voicemail Routing

Using CRA 3.5, trying to figure a way by scripting, when a client is prompted to presses a menu number it routes to a number listed in a line group - if it receives a voicemail and not a LIVE person have that call rotate to the next line in the hunt group. Not sure if it's even possible.

Thanks in advance.



Re: CRA - Voicemail Routing

Nope. It's not possible.


Re: CRA - Voicemail Routing

Actually, if you wanted to be creative you could do this.

For the Voicemail Profile of each of these individuals, put in a Route Point DN that triggers an IVR script.

In the IVR script, check if the "original called number" is the DN of the hunt pilot. If yes (true), this means the call came in from the IVR script and you could "redirect" the call back to the hunt pilot.

If false, this means the call was made directly to this individual and "redirect" the call to the "original called number" which will be the persons extension. You will need to configure crs with the ability to route calls "directly into voicemail" in order for the second part to work so you will need to "prefix" a number to the "original called number" to get it to work.

Follow another one of my posts below in order to redirect calls directly into vm from a script:

It sounds like a lot of work but actually quite easy once you get to scripting it.

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adignan - berbee

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Re: CRA - Voicemail Routing

Thanks, new to scripting but will give it a try - at least it's a place to start.

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