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CRS 4.1 Scripting


We are trying to alert the agent with a prompt prior to the call being connected. For example, a call sits in the queue until an available agent becomes ready, we are then trying to ring the agents phone, once it answers we want a prompt to play from the script, and then to connect the agent with the caller.

I can not seem to figure out how to do this. I believe I am close, but I am unsure which parameters to use in order to do it. If anyone knows what I need to put in the selected tree of the select resource command for this to happen I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Re: CRS 4.1 Scripting

Figured it out. For whoever else is trying to do this ... here is the script...

* I am not the original author of this script. I found it on Cisco's website. I only modified one variable to get it working. I am in no way trying to accept credit for this.

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