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CRS CTI Port utilization report

Is it possible to get a report of the CTI ports utilization , including the peak utilization?

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Re: CRS CTI Port utilization report

To monitor the amount of CTI ports being used you can use Realtime Reporting in appadmin. What you will need to do is monitor the number of active sessions. EAch session used 1 CTI port. Once a call has passed thru the system and connected to an agent that sessin closed and that CTI port is released back to the available pool. To see this, in Realtime Reporting select Reports --> Sessions to see the active session at anytime. You might also want to check the max sessions configured for the application, max sessions for the trigger and the max number of channels for the media group.

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Re: CRS CTI Port utilization report

I'd like to know if we can monitor the CTI Port Usage from within CM/RTMT? When not integrated with IPCC therefore no AppAdmin.

It's integrated with a third party solution who say that can get that information if required but is a lot more hassle if it can be done CM side.... I've ran RTMT and I can show the ports registering and I've found a graphical display but that doesn't actually change when the CTI ports are in use!!

Any ideas anyone?

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