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CRS Script


We are running IPCC Express 4.0.

Can we include Date and Time control for CRS script?

So that call receiving out of the operational window, would get response "We are currently Closed..........."

Also this call should have status as "Not Handled".

Please help me out!!!


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Re: CRS Script

In the CRS Editor, you can take a look at "General" Folder.. there you'll find the "time of the day" and "Day of the week" steps..


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Re: CRS Script

In our call center we found that the Day of Week and Time of Day steps did not give us the needed flexibility that we required. We actually needed a detailed DATE and TIME step that would reference an actual calendar DATE and TIME instead of just Monday 1:30PM.

Some solutions on the Script repository involve the use of XML files or databases that contain your target dates/times. I looked at these and was able to come up with a script that uses some of the same java commands to pull the time from the server and reference target dates/times that are set as variables.

It is working very well for us and we are currently using it for our Holiday routing.

I have specified a begin date/time and an end date/time for when we are closed. Using a subflow in all of our scripts I pull the current time and do a comparison. If the current time is before the target range, do one thing, if the current time is in the target range, do something else, and finally if the current time is after the target range, do a third route.

I will be glad to share this with anyone that needs it.


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