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CSQ Activity Report vs. Agnet Report

Hello All. We are getting a discrepency between two reports. If we pull the CSQ activity report it shows 7543 calls presented to the CSQ but when we pull the agent report and add up the calls presented to all the agents we get 7308. There are no calls dequeud in the CSQ report and we only have one CSQ. We are using CM 4.1(3) and IPCC Express 4.0.4. If anyone has any ideas on why these numbers are different I would really like to know.


Cisco Employee

Re: CSQ Activity Report vs. Agnet Report

Note that "calls presented" to the CSQ include all calls presented to the CSQ even if an agent did not handle the call. The Agent Summary Report shows only ACD calls handed by an agent.

This would explain why the CSQ report has a larger number of calls than the Agent Summary Report. When comparing UCCX reports its important to compare the field definitions to ensure they are adding up the calls the same way. The CRS Historical Reports Users Guide has the field definitions for all UCCX reports. It can be found on CCO at:

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