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CSQ not displayed in Call Display on CAD


I have seen a couple of other discussions regarding this subject but uncertain if my query falls into the same bracket.

We have agents receiving calls from multiple skills using the same script. Previously, the Call Display Window on CAD shows

  • Route Point
  • CSQ
  • Agent ID
  • Total

I have recently added a new skill in to the same script us existing skills. Everything works as intended with the exception that the Route Point &  CSQ are not displayed. It is the CSQ I'm most interested in as the agents use this to identify the type of call.

When creating new skills I have never previously had to do anything different to have this information is displayed. All other skills using the same script and with the same setup on CRSAdmin include the CSQ where the information is correctly displayed.

Our UCCX system is v 7.0(1)SR05_Build504

CAD Agent is v6.6(1) Build

I have seen other discussions where the solution is to add an enterprise parameter. Not sure whether my query is the same since the existing skills using the same script work as required, it is only the new skill recently created that has the problem.

Thanks for any information anyone can advise.

Best regards, James

Community Member

Looks like you've assigned

Looks like you've assigned the resource skills but didn't assign the resource to a team.

Community Member

Hi,Thanks for the quick


Thanks for the quick response.

I checked the Team settings and and my Test Agent was assigned to that Team. My test agent is IPCC Test and is part of the Retail Sales Team. See the attached screenshot.

I have not added the new CSQ RBB as an assigned CSQ in the Team Configuration, but other CSQ's that are shown correctly in CAD are not added in the Team Configuration field either.

Thanks for your help.


Is the application properly

Is the application properly configured?

What about CSD? the queue shows there?



Rolando Valenzuela

Community Member

Hi Rolando,Yes, the config

Hi Rolando,

Yes, the config looks good. I have double checked it against another skill where the CAD display is correct, and there are no differences. Calls are passed to the agent correctly, it's just the detail in the CAll Display that is the problem. I checked CSD and likewise that looked correct as well. See attached screenshot.

Do you know in which log files the Call Display is logged?

Thanks, James

Community Member

I am having the same issue on

I am having the same issue on UCCX 8.5.1.

Did you ever get this resolved?



Community Member

Hi,No we never did. We have


No we never did. We have since migrated our ACD function to another platform.



Cisco Employee

Please go through the below

Please go through the below document in order to configure this using the Set Enterprise Call Info Step and see if it works:




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