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CTI OS - OnConnectionRejected Event

We have a CTI OS Server version 6.0 which exposes only the C++ CIL. We also have CTI OS Server version 7.0 which exposes C++, .Net, and Java CILs.

I am trying to connect using the .Net CIL/Java CIL v7 with the CTI OS Server v6. I get an OnConnectionRejected Event (mismatch between the CTI OS Server and the CIL versions), which is understandable.

Now, when I try to connect to the CTI OS v6 with the C++ CIL v7, it however connects and allows me to perform all the agent operations as well as it gives me all the events.

Similarly, in a vice-versa scenario where I use the C++ CIL v6 to connect to the CTI OS Server v7, it connects fine there too without an OnConnectionRejected event. Is there a reason for this?

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Re: CTI OS - OnConnectionRejected Event

Hi Bhaskar,

another Dev Support Service kind of question, just to explain the basic as to why this works, both server and client negotiate a compatible protocol version at the initial stage, once they agree on the protocol version then the messages should flow with no issues.



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Re: CTI OS - OnConnectionRejected Event

If C++ CIL 7.0 negotiates the protocol version successfully with CTI OS Servion 6.0, then the same should be true for .NET CIL and java CIL. But Bhaskar said he is not able to connect with .NET CIL and Java CIL.

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