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CTI Route point

Please help!

Why CTI route point on Callmanager is not registered, though JTAPItest program on ICM let make calls from one IP phone to another.

User, which I put in PG configuration, is also associated with phone, from which I can make call through JTAPItest, and also associated with Route point on CM; but route point's status says: "not registered"...

Why this could be...?

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Re: CTI Route point

Check Router Log viewer on the ICM side for any errors when you dial the RP. If the call is indeed coming to ICM, then it will reflect there. If it is not coming to ICM, then your RP-Pguser association is probably not done or your dialed number is not defined in ICM

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Re: CTI Route point

Thanks, fogive my questions - I'm novice in IPCC...

Logfiles are located in directory "icm\\ra\logfiles"? If so what should I see there and what program can understand this logs? Or just should i use notepad?

Pguser - Is it term or should I name my ICM user exactly so.

And most of all - I don't use any CTI OS program (cti os desktop for example), I'll have these programs in some time, but now I want to check ICM's efficiency without it - only by means of CTITest program.

Could I use only CTITest for agent login in my first step, or I should have CTI desktop in order to CTI works well between ICM an Callmanager?

Thanks again,


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Re: CTI Route point

Check me please, am I understanding right CM - ICM interaction...

Below, what I've done:

RP-Pguser association: In callmanager - RP with DN,

user, associated with RP

IN ICM - first configuration: Add PG with IP address of CM and user defined..

Next in configuration manager:

PG explorer associated with calltype

dialed number/script - DN of Route point, calltype associated...

script (tried several times- no result: start - label - end; start - queue to agent - end; start - queue to skill group - end and so on). Script is sheduled with cqalltype above mentioned

What I'm doing wrong?



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Re: CTI Route point

Is it what you asked about Router log files or something else?...

tsyr ICM_LAB Client 3 connected to Router forwarding service

tsyr ICM_LAB Client 3 connected to RouterDebug delivery service

tsyr ICM_LAB Client 3 disconnected from Router forwarding service

tsyr ICM_LAB Client 3 disconnected from RouterDebug delivery service


Re: CTI Route point

No, on the desktop under ICM Admin Workstation folder, you will see Router Log Viewer. Open that app. You should see errors for the RP if the RP is indeed coming into ICM.

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Re: CTI Route point

I found only errors "05:30:24 Configuration response for Logical Controller 1 received OPI error code 1 (E_UNKNOWN_INTERFACE_CTRLR_ID)." in PG1A OPC's window...

Everything else seems to be ok, though I don't know, what exactly should I see from those windows...

And yet one question:

Must Route point be registered in order interaction between Callmanager and ICM to be OK, and can route point be registered without any CTI OS program (CTI agent desktop, for example) ?


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