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CTI Route Points - Creating in bulk with System 7.0

I have what I think isn't a unique problem, at least I hope it isn't.

I am migrating a few hundred toll-free numbers from an outsourcer to a new internal call center running CCM 4.1.3 and IPCC 7.0 (system deployment).

All calls are of the same call type, but the DNIS is used to identify the ad campaign the caller is responding to via a database dip. At the moment I am facing the manual creation of over 300 CTI RP's in CCM and the corresponding dialed numbers in IPCC.

Does anyone know of a utility to do these in bulk, maybe through AXL on the CCM side and a database import on the IPCC side?

Failing that, is there a way to write a translation pattern on the callmanager side to send all calls to a single CTI RP, and some corresponding scripting or configuration on the IPCC side to correctly identify the original DNIS?

Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!!!

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Re: CTI Route Points - Creating in bulk with System 7.0

I think you can use a BAT file on the call manager side to upload the CTIRP's (not my speciality but that is what is happening on my current project).

System IPCC however has very few bulk insert tools included. (Agent insert being the main one). You might be able to load them directly into the db SQL if you are a SQL wiz but I wouldn't like to chance it on a live system as it could make a real mess.

Don't forget you will also need a Call Type for each inbound DDI as well or you won't be able to get stats on each campaign. Although those call types can all point to the same script.


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Re: CTI Route Points - Creating in bulk with System 7.0

Unfortunately, BAT will do CTI Ports but not CTI route points. UGH!

It definitely is a shortcoming to have a lack of bulk import tools with the systems, based on deployment model.

Thanks for the response!

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