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[CTIOS 6.0] OnConnectionFailureConf

We use IPCC 6.0 with CCM 4.0(3), CRS 3.5.(3). ICM has no service release.

We confiured duplexed proggers. When we startup proggers, they are working well.(CTIOS Client connection, login function have no problem). But, as time goes by, agents more often meet "OnConnectionFailureConf" event from CTIOS Client Log. That terms are so variable: per 1 or 2 weeks, or per 1 months. At that time, CTIOS Client receives OnConnectionFailureConf event from A & B time after. (Agent can't connect to any CTIOS side). After we re-startup Callmanager PG, CG, CTIOS Server, they are working well.

Help me!!!


Re: [CTIOS 6.0] OnConnectionFailureConf

1. Make sure you increase the size of your log files. Check for available drive space first. In

the registry....ems\currentversion\library\processes\opc.... set emsalllogfilesmax to 0x5f5e100. Set

emslogfilemax to 0x989680. This will store 10 10meg files...100 meg worth of OPC logs. Do the same

under ...processes\pim1 and under cg1a\ems\currentversion\library\processes\ctisvr.

2. Turn up tracing. In registry...cg1a\ems\currentversion\library\processes\ctisvr set emstracemask

to 0xf8

In procmon for PIM, run ltrace to see what tracing is on. Enable everything except lock* and

thread*. To enable tracing from procmon , type trace xxx /on (where xxx is the tracebit shown in

ltrace). You can use wildcards. For example, trace tp* /on.

From OPCTEST, type debug /routing /cstaecr /closedcalls.

Duplicate the failure, and dump the PIM, OPC, CTISVR logs. Give a timestamp for the failure.

This URL should helps you:

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