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CTIOS Agent Toolkit - web launch

I think this is easy to do with CAD. But with CTIOS toolkit agent, is there a design document that describes how to take 2 variables and launch IE - URL with parameters? Customer needs to use web service based on caller entered information and agent id. Thank you.


Re: CTIOS Agent Toolkit - web launch

I did this once with the VB version of CTIOS. In fact, I've done it twice! In the first version I used the registry to define the path to the application and the switches for the arguments. In the second I did it a better way by defining ECC variables that contained the path and the variables. Then I could set them in the ICM Script editor - different apps for different call types.

But unless you are prepared to modify the supplied sample of CTIOS in either VB.NET, C# or Java, then you are out of luck. The Toolkit is designed as a sample application where the heavy lifting is done by the supplied components (ActiveX, Java objects). It's meant to be modified via code, so it doesn't have the "workflow" abilities of CAD.

Could you go to CAD? Can you code?



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Re: CTIOS Agent Toolkit - web launch

Geoff - thanks. We currently can not go to CAD. I can set up the URL as a peripheral varaibale or in ECC.

We need to launch IE with agentID and DNIS.

The agentID is determined by CTIOS and available in the ICM script if I am right.

What are some of the steps say using VB.NET to launch IE (that is an external application)? Thanks.

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