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CTIOS functionality question


when i receive a call on the ctios agent desktop, the speaker of the ip phone opens automatically and i can not talk through the mic of the pc,

is that a normal ctios behaviour?

thanks for the feedback,

New Member

Re: CTIOS functionality question

Do you have auto answer set up on the phone?

If so you may want to check the line setting of the phone in question to see whether or not the auto answer is set to "auto answer with Speaker phone"


New Member

Re: CTIOS functionality question

Hi Dave,

i think i misdescribed the problem, there is no auto answer but when i answer the call from the ctios client the speaker phone of the IP phone opens automatically,

any ideas?


New Member

Re: CTIOS functionality question

Ok, I understand now. I'm still check things out but right now the only way I can see that you can have the headset answer instead of the speakerphone when you select answer on the CTIOS Client, is to make sure that when the phone is idle to select the headset button. When the phone is idle and the headset button is lit, calls will come to the headset instead of the speaker.

One other way that you can handle this is to set up auto answer on the phone. This is done through the line setting on Callmanager. When this is done, you can select the auto answer to headset, this will also send a tone to the agent just prior to the call, to let them know a call is about to come to them.

Hope this helps

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