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CTIOS Transfer

When a CTIOS toolkit agent receives the call they see the peripheral variables set in the routing script. When the call is transferred using Call Manager direct an agent these seem to get passed to the transferred agent. If the transfer is done through a route pattern going to CVP and a skill group the receiving agent does not see these variables. The CVP/ICM routing script does not seem to overwrite these variables although there may be a missing SendtoVRU node in the early look. Is the transfer should be done only using the ctios desktop keypad for varibale to pass through? The keypad has a tab to display / overwrite these variables but do not think that is being touched.

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Re: CTIOS Transfer

3rd party IVRs like periphonics is able to update call variables by doing a route request to a dummy DN, before passing the call back to the agent. Not sure if CVP can do the same.

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