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CUCCX 7.0(1) Recording


Can someone tell me how to find out where agent recorded calls are stored and in what file format?  I did a search for all .wav files but cannot locate them.



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Re: CUCCX 7.0(1) Recording

Hi Glenn,

The agent call recordings are stored on the hard drive of the Cisco Unified CCX server with agent data store locator records pointing to the actual recording files.
These files are stored for only 7days from date of recording, but you can enable them to be stored for 30days by tagging it for extended archiving using Supervisor Record Viewer. The call recordings are archived as raw voice data packets. The recordings can only be reviewed using the Supervisor Record Viewer.
However, if you want to permanently save selected recordings as .wav files, Use the Play and Save button in the Supervisor Record Viewer and save the recording to a selected folder.

In CRS 6.0 we had a utility to convert directly from Raw to Wav format using CLI. I'm not sure if its still there in CCX7, worth giving a try. You can try searching for .raw extensions in CCX server.
Use the CRSraw2wav.exe command line utility. This utility is located in the C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\bin folder. It must be run from this location in a command window on the computer that hosts the Recording & Playback service (RPServer.exe). Search for using CRSraw2wav utility in this link for CAD Service Info document -

Soman Nair.

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Re: CUCCX 7.0(1) Recording


the recordings are saved in c:\program files\cisco\desktop_audio . this is the default folder and they are saved in .raw extension and as you may use supervisor desktop to play these files or you can convert them to .wav ext using raw2wav.exe files located in the c:\program files\cisco\desktop\bin folder.

hope this will help

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