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CUCCX 7.01 SR4 Build 443 ExecutedStepsExceeded

We recently updated to CUCCx 7.01 SR4 and have had a number of scripts exceed the Max Executed Steps defined limit (after aproximately 25 minutes). We didnt have these issues until updating to SR4 - any thoughts?


Re: CUCCX 7.01 SR4 Build 443 ExecutedStepsExceeded

What is your Max Steps set to? 1000?

What were you on previously? From your wording I would presume 7.0(1) SR something, but it could be that you came from a 4x version.

If that is the case, then note that there are several conversion steps placed in to scripts when upgrading from older versions. This could lead to more steps executing than previous and exceeding the max steps.

One example would be the Select Resource Step, and how it creates a User object and assigns the selected resource to it.

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Re: CUCCX 7.01 SR4 Build 443 ExecutedStepsExceeded

** UPDATE ** this issue was isolated to a SR4 Defect. We applied the ES2 Hotfix and this has resolved the ExecutedStepsExceeded issues we were experiencing.


UCCX 7.0(1)SR04 script application reaches max step executed steps and causing exception. It works sometimes under smaller loads. Logs show the following example multiple times.

Interruption Handler: Select Resource (--Triggering Contact-- from CSQ )

08869: 3226496: Sep 29 15:40:40.567 EDT %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:Execute step of Task 21000021008 :


Heavy call volume load.


CCM - 7.x

UCCX - 7.0(1)SR04_Build0443


An ES (ES2) is available on CCO for UCCX 7.0(1)SR4 at

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Re: CUCCX 7.01 SR4 Build 443 ExecutedStepsExceeded

This is bug CSCtc32123 for those who run across this in a search.

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