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CUCM Database Replication Status MIB

Hi Guys,


Can you please help me whether we could monitor CCM database replication status through SNMP MIB or OID..


Also please guide me in how to configure SNMP traps for the MIBS??



Indrajith PC


You can check status

You can check status replication using the commands:

utils dbreplication runtimestate
utils dbreplication forcedatasyncsub


You can create a little script with plink to gather that information.


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HI Rolan, Thanks for your

HI Rolan,


Thanks for your revert , but i need the MIB(OID) for the particular command to poll the CUCM server with a 3rd party monitoring tool like solarwinds.... 



Indrajith PC which version of

Indrajith PC which version of CUCM do you have?

Do you have SNMP already configured?


Please check this links:

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CUCM 9.0SNMP is already

CUCM 9.0

SNMP is already configured.We just need to poll the DB replicator service through OID via SNMP community string.

Please let me know if any OID's available for that in Cisco.



Hi,please take a look at the


please take a look at the CUCM serviceability guide:

I'm afraid there's no trap generated when DB replication issues occur, so you might want to do periodic polling.

The above referenced document contains some basic information which MIB's may be interesting to you and how to get them.

Personally, I would download and register them all, and then just walk the whole tree and cherrypick ;-)



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I'm looking for that same

I'm looking for that same answer.   - doesn't respond on my servers.

In the interm, I've created a groovy that collects and reports the status every 15 minutes or so.


cli.send("show perf query class \"Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication\"\n")

 - Perf class (Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication) has instances and values:
    ReplicateCount  -> Number of Replicates Created   = 603
    ReplicateCount  -> Replicate_State                = 2

REGEX the Replicate_State and alert on !=2   (2 means everything is fine)

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